Aims & Objectives

Indore School of Social Work Established in 1951 is committed to excellence in its teaching, research and professional practice in Social Work. Its staff aims to integrate these areas of scholarly knowledge, skill and attitudes to the students for the effective practice of social work. The integration of academic and operational excellence is shown in the school’s postgraduate studies.



Aims & Objectives


The School is a training center for students who desire to take up social work as a profession. The aims of the School are:


• To impart training in social work through formal instruction, fieldwork and other means to those who elect to make social work a career.


• To prepare students for leadership responsibilities in social work by providing them opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skills in the profession, and by helping them to develop professional attitudes and conviction and commitment to social welfare.


• To conduct refresher courses, workshops, orientation seminars and other programmes for professional social workers, administrators voluntary leaders and others.


• To offer consultancy or counseling services to social welfare institutions; and to conduct field experiments and demonstrations independently or otherwise.


• To carry out independent or collaborative studies in the areas of social policy, social services, social administration and practices in social work, and of help in disseminating knowledge on these through publications, and other relevant and appropriate means in order to generate public opinion for social action and development.